Mission & Vision Statement

Our mission is to create an environment where people have space to re-discover their creativity, reconnect with themselves, and find healing from struggles with mental health, life stressors, and traumatic events. To become a place of rest, creativity, passion, and unburdening by providing therapy services, expressive arts workshops, and community events.

Why Expressive Arts?

Creativity is such a fundamental part of our humanity. As we grow older, we begin building priorities things based on cultural values, family values, and many other things apart from our innate sense of self. Some of us have been through extreme traumatic events, have difficult families, have experienced tremendous loss, or have been living with debilitating mental illness that has exacerbated this divide. We begin to leave behind important pieces of ourselves such as play, creativity, intuition, passion, rest, and ultimately the freedom to be ourselves. The expressive arts allow us to reconnect with these parts of ourselves. This reconnection helps to create rest, healing, and restores many of the child-like parts of ourselves that have been long locked away.