When a cartridge designed for a longer leade (like the 5.56 NATO) is fired out of a chamber with a shorter leade (Were talking about .223 Remington here), it creates a dangerous and almost instantaneous pressure spike. Aero Precision M4E1-E .223 Wylde Barreled AR-15 Upper Receiver - Fluted - Gen 2 M-LOK Handguard - Black - 16" View Details. It's nice to see someone acknowledge Billy Wylde for his chamber. The morefirmly freebore size in a 223 Wylde rifle grants you to shoot .223 ammo with by and large strong accuracy from it than a 5.5645 rifle. I didn't know where the Wylde came from, Thank You Mr Wylde for putting in work and giving the world an improved cartridge. you do realize there is almost no difference in performance of 5.56 vs .223 ? Not really much of a difference if any at all really. The first sentence should have stated: The cartridges listed above are mostly plinking quality, with the exception of Federal Gold Medal and Speer. A .223 Wylde chamber is a hybrid rifle chamber designed to allow .22 caliber barrels to safely fire both .223 Remington and 5.5645mm NATO ammunition. I list the best choices in terms of value, performance, design, and cost. Hand-Picked Daily GUN DEALS, and Exclusive Coupons Codes >>>. To clear any confusion, were talking about chambers. This AR-STONER AR-15 223 Remington (Wylde) Barrel is perfect for competition where accuracy and reliability are imperative to a successful match. Cleared up some confusion on my part. As weve established, the exterior dimensions of the .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO cartridges are identical. When the 223 came out, it was a result of the military adoption of the 5.56x45 for the M-16. One of the primary drawbacks is that it is not as widely available as other chamberings. The cartridges listed above are plinking quality. All Rights Reserved. It really shouldnt have taken as long as it did for somebody to look at the .223 chamber, look at the 5.5645 chamber and go Hey, you know what? I am not yet into handloading. Dont worry, we were at one point too. 223 rifle cartridges are full metal jacket rounds that feed reliably and shoot accurately. Here is a target from my Odin Works 16" medium contour 223 Wylde barrel. This dual chamber design allows for better accuracy and reliability than standard 5.56 NATO barrels. Rather than a question of safety, it comes down to performance. Its mentioned that this twist would handle 55 to 62 gr. This is a smooth, well-tuned, and slick finished AR. I have done a lot of research into the difference, the standard chamber drawings show a slightly longer jump to the rifling for 5.56. In Stock . He has a background in the entertainment industry and currently works as one of our awesome writers in the field. 1,000 round box keeps you shooting all day. Aero Precision .223 Wylde Stainless Steel Barrel, Wilson Combat Match Grade Barrel 223 Wylde. With accuracy. I just bought a bunch of 556 loaded in 65 grain. I had a 5.56 16 cmv 1:7 and could not get good groupings with 62 grain and higher 5.56 ammo. .223 vs 5.56 NATO vs .223 Wylde: Will Your Gun Blow? Learn all the important stuff about handgunswith none of the attitude. (actual size from left to right) 5.56x45mm XM193 55gr., 300 AAC Blackout 125gr. Lightweight and agile rifle solutions that come packed with enhanced components selected for rugged durability. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. As far as I know the chamber isn't "tighter". It is an affordable option and includes high accuracy and reliability as well. Its a chambernot a cartridge. Quick View. Thanks for the information. When you see the difference, its unlikely to actually be enough of a difference to really matter outside of putting down tight groups to flex on Instagram with. The .223 Wylde is a half breed chamber to conquer any hindrance between the 5.5645 military chambering and the non-military personnel .223 Remington chamber. I was under the impression that the Wylde design was a 5.56 chamber with a .223 freebore length. Grab a high quality 223 Wylde complete upper and shoot both 223 Remington and 5.56 NATO from the same AR-15 upper! Thanks for the feedback. Type: AR Finish Color: Black Caliber: .223 Wylde Barrel Finish: Nitride Barrel Length: 7.5" Twist: 1:7 Gas System: Pistol Muzzle: A2 Flash Hider Lower Receiver Manufacturer: CBC Industries Upper Receiver: Mil-Spec, Forward Assist & Dust Cover Installed Bolt Carrier Group & Charging Handle: Full Auto Rail: 7" M-Lok 30 Round Magazine Included - I own several wylde barrels. Be the first to write a review! Finish *. Sounds like the timing wasn't jiving as well. Below is my list of the best .223 Wylde rifles. Basically, the .223 Wylde is like old-school Miley Cyrus. #2752408 - 12/03/14 08:50 PM Re: Pros and Cons to .223 wylde [ Re: Tgomez82 ] GLShooter. We dont often get a fairy tale ending when it comes to firearms, but this time we did. 223 Wylde is taking the shooting world by storm and giving a lot of carbine owners more flexibility when it comes to ammo. 9 MM 5.56 .308 WIN. To avoid confusion with civilian .222 cartridges that were also being developed at the time, the cartridge was renamed to .223 Remington, and was formally adopted by the Army as their new intermediate cartridge in 1962. If it is stamped 556 than you can use either caliber. Add To Compare . One of the approximately .6-oz. The .223 Wylde is a modified 5.56 chamber designed for AR-15's. There is no advantage to that chamber in a bolt gun. Loaded for pounding targets, American Eagle rounds are loaded to the same specifications as Federals Premium loads to deliver comparable performance to Federals hunting rounds. 223 Wylde is a cream rifle load that grants you to shoot both .223 and 5.5645 ammo from the weapon safely. Seems to me like getting a new barrel and completely different round was worth it 62 gr and above. Special Price. Title . Accuracy is also function of the ammunition matched to the rifle. A freak accident of the barrel breaking or having an out of battery detonation is not out of the realm of possibility either. While I might not always be using match-grade ammo, when I do, I want the most out of it. To get a sense of what kind of differences you should expect if you make the switch from a standard 5.5645 AR to a 223 Wylde rifle, we hit the range. Its much safer. The 223 Wylde chambering is designed to be compatible with both 223 Remington and 5.56 NATO ammunition, which means that it can be used with either type of ammunition without any issues. 223 Rem PTG 223 Rem JGS 223 Wylde JGS 5.56 Compass Lake JGS 5.56 Nato PTG 5.56 Nato Clymer 5.56 Nato C Base Diameter 0.3779 0.3794 0.3804 0.3810 0.3803 0.3803 0.3803 0.3816 D Shoulder Diameter 0.3568 0.3553 0.3553 0.3572 0.3553 0.3553 0.3553 0.3560 . Does BCA use a standard carbine buffer for .450BM rifles, or a heavier H2 or H3 buffer? The chamber dimensions for the 5.56 are slightly larger than a .223 chamber. But when shooting 5.56 NATO out of a .223 chamber, the shorter leade combined with the extra grain of powder in the cartridge creates a significant pressure spike, which can theoretically lead to a catastrophic failure that could destroy the firearm and injure the shooter. Offering maximum performance as well as flexibility, the .223 Wylde chambering of the SAINT Edge ATC offers the best of both worlds. 1 Review. 5.56 NATO & .223 Wylde Barrels | Aero Precision JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If youre not so lucky, the swift jump in pressure could cause a catastrophic weapon failure. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I'm new to this rifle business. All Rights Reserved. The load pressure for the 5.5645 is 62,000 on the specification. OUR GST-9 IS UNAFFECTED BY THE LATEST 12/28 ATF CLARIFICATION LETTER. 223 Wylde is more precise than 5.56 NATO. Msg frequency may vary. Theyre basically the same rightor are they? Thus 5.56mm has more potential for accuracy as you can push it harder compared to commercial .223. Will my, You might be thinking about purchasing or building an AR-15, or even a bolt-action or single-shot rifle in one of these calibers and find yourself understandably. Theyre basically the same rightor are they? Free shipping available! Rock River Arms makes AR rifles with serious quality, and they aren't afraid to offer one in 223 WYLDE. Choose the finish NEW Carbon Fiber Wrapped +$350.00 Stainless Steel Bead Blasted Matte Stainless Steel . Ultimately, youll have a better understanding of .223, 5.56, and .223 Wylde. Select what level shooter you are! My Savage MSR 15 Recon is 223 Wylde and can be bought around the $800 range even during Covid high prices. The 223 Wylde is a great choice for those looking for a versatile and reliable rifle cartridge. Hybrid chambers attempt to offer the best of both worlds. Honestly, the 223 Wylde is a solution to a problem that didn't really exist. I wonder if the chamber neck was too short for that ammo. Before, I thought I was sold on the 223 wylde. Hope I spelled it right as theres two of them. .223 Rem AR15 rifle, 223 Remington, 5.56x45 222 reloading, shooting, hunting rifles. .277 Sig Fury (6.8x51) Complete Guide: Is the M4 Dead? Its a convenient option for AR-15 owners that shoot both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO. Anything marked 223 can ONLY fire 223. !, Thank you for your help..Clinton. American Eagle . Remember, the 223 Wylde is just a hybrid of the 556 and 223. 223 Wylde is a cream rifle load that grants you to shoot both .223 and 5.5645 ammo from the weapon safely. Use 62 or heavier grain as it has a 1:8 twist for best results. The major pro is that it will fire 5.56 ammo without problem, so if that's all you can find you can at least plink with it. Well, heres the thing you can safely shoot .223 out of a 5.56 barrel without a problem because the Remington round has less pressure that military 5.56 rounds do. You could have bought a 556 NATO and had the same advantages. Want to quickly know the difference between .223 vs 5.56 and potential safety concerns? The 5.56 is generally loaded to higher pressures and the mil-spec chamber has a longer leade which is the distance between the case mouth and where the rifling begins. Great Article - maybe should have read before I spent loads of time researching the best 223 Wylde Upper and therefore the most expensive :-) However. We tested a standard Colt LE6920 rifle, chambered in 5.5645 and an Alex Pro Firearms 223 Wylde rifle. AND IF SOMEONE WANTS TO CORRECT MY STATEMENT THATS FINE CAUSE I DO NOT WEAR MY EGO ON MY SHIRT SLEEVETHANKS DAVID. So I am primarily looking at 2 complete uppers. That year, Remington Arms teamed up with Fairchild Industries to create the Remington .222 Special for the U.S. Army. Ultimately, the choice between the two cartridges will depend on the specific needs of the shooter. However, it also has the leade diameter of the .223 Remington. You do not pay Overall, the 223 Wylde chambering offers many advantages, including improved accuracy and reliability. Going the other way, a .223 in a 5.56 NATO chamber is 100% safe just not as quite accurate as .223 ammo in a .223 chamber. If you find a good deal for a 223 Wylde complete upper, a 223 Wylde barrel or pre-built rifle, like the Wilson Combat Super Sniper, by all means go for it. Even though the case and projectiles may be identical, the pressure difference between .223 and 5.56 NATO makes it inadvisable to shoot the 5.56 NATO out of a .223 chamber. Freebore is the space between a rifles load and the rifling in the barrel. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive promotions and a coupon for 10% off an order! PM Sponsor. Also have seen a post were a phone call to Ruger confirmed this. Get free updates when we add new tips, articles and more! F-1 Dynamics. I don't know of any but I would like to hear input from others as well. Additionally, the 223 Wylde chambering has a slightly tighter bore diameter than the 5.56 NATO, which helps to reduce the amount of gas that escapes from the barrel and improves accuracy. Not all barrels are the same. Your AR Complete Upper has matched options for optic, rail, muzzle device, bolt carrier group, charging handle, and magazine. It is also very easy to state that some ammo is more accurate than others, consistency and quality control goes a VERY long way in creating accurate ammo. The other consideration is twist rate: though NATO specs demand a 1:7 twist in their rifles so that standard ball ammunition and tracer rounds can both be stabilized out of the same barrel, the majority of civilian rifles on the market have a 1:9 twist rate, which is ideal for 55gr and 62gr ammo. Our sporting .223 Rem. What a great article. $1,150.00. Or can the Ruger barrel be changed out for a 5.56 chamber? Why is there hesitancy by some manufacturers to use mid-length gas systems on 16 inch .223 barrels? Thanks for the in depth explanation of Wylde, and including the difference between 5.56 and .223. Additionally, the 223 Wylde chambering is designed to be more tolerant of higher pressures, which can help to reduce the risk of a malfunction due to overpressure. Chamber pressure is higher for 5.56x45mm versus .223. MSRP $1,150 - $1,497. 82K views 2 years ago What is .223 Wylde and is it better than 5.56 NATO? To find out why you might opt for 223 Wylde vs 5.56 or 223 Remington, keep reading. This Belgian-made cartridge was SS109 and could penetrate a steel helmet at an impressive 800 meters (874 yards). You can shoot .223 Remington cartridges out of a 5.56 chamber to your hearts content. Be first to know about promotions and new product launches. Although these two popular cartridges have a lot in common, their similarities are mostly skin deep. If you want a REALLY accurate rifle, then .223 is the way to go. Shop for 5.56 NATO and .223 Wylde AR15 Barrels at Aero Precision. Is it a barrel, is it a chamber, is it a type of ammunition? Its also a great option for shooters who just want to maximize their rifles versatility in general a .223 Wylde chamber will reliably shoot any .223 or 5.56 ammo you feed it, from the cheapest factory loads to the heaviest match-grade ammo. That twist in that long of a barrel is why. Some of the semi match chambers and some 223 have 1/2 thou over. American Eagle normally groups 2 MOA for me, that is consistent with other brands offering this variety of ammo. Type your email address and well send While the cartridge dimensions of both rounds are the same, 5.56 NATO loads produce pressures in excess of the .223 safe spec. This hybrid chamber can fire both .223 Remington and 5.5645 NATO ammo with safety and accuracy. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. This gives you a chamber where the gas expansion is tight and controlled because of the smaller leade diameter of the .223. An affordable option for the high volume .223 MSR shooter, Federal American Eagle .223 Rem Target Centerfire Rifle Ammo delivers the performance you want for true-to-life practice. Are you all about the 223 Wylde? This design allows for tight, controlled gas expansion due to the smaller leade diameter. Except that it hates IMI 5.56 M193. Wishing they would produce a 16" pencil profile for Wisconsin brush hunting. The SAINT offers upgraded features where they matter most. Thanks for all the insite of the 223 wylde and the differences of the rifling. Delivering reliable function, smooth feeding, and trustworthy ignition on every shot, these rounds feature a 55-grain Boat-Tail bullet with Full Metal Jacket. 223 Remington New Ammunition With Lapua Brass and 69gr Sierra Match King Bullets Regular Price $87.00: Qty. It has free float barrel with 5 R rifling and is rated as one of the most accurate rifles out there up to $2,000 price. Doing so would cause your gun to malfunction and immediately have parts break. Almost all currently produced AR-15s are either 5.56 NATO or .223 Wylde chambers. Damn I did get his name wrong Ill go change that. 223 Wylde is taking the shooting world by storm and giving a lot of carbine owners more flexibility when it comes to ammo. The exact differences are difficult to properly evaluate, because pressure is measured differently for each cartridge. Just play a scratch-off ticket. Theres no such thing. . These barrels are available in a variety of lengths and profiles to meet your specific needs, and are made in . Can't say enough about these barrels, Best informative article on the wylde 223 I have ever read, Great article thanks for informing shooters about the difference in the 223 and 556. Optics selection, magazine load, stock selection, will all have a bearing on balance as well. As to how this was accomplished, lets look at a detailed comparison between these different chambers. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Way back in the mid-1950s, Eugene Stoner and friends worked together to develop the .223 Remington. Theres something to be said for having a rifle that can go from hunting hogs in deep brush to punching paper at 500 yards without breaking a sweat. (obviously ammo is a big part of this) 556 is a better "workhorse gun" better for putting a lot of rounds downrange, better for shooting faster (not sure why this would be, but I read it) Copyright 1996-2023 AR15.COM LLC. It weighs in at 55gr and offers the same quality as their higher-end products that you've come to expect. There are only pros and no cons to a Wylde chamber in an AR15 barrel. Bolt guns are normally rated for higher pressure, but I would ask Ruger to be sure. Just bought a bunch of 556 loaded with 65 grain. We mention that in the caption of the picture. The .223 Wylde is a chamber demons ion that falls between the 5.56 and .223 and enables you a better accuracy with .233 while still being able to shoot 5.56. Rating: 100%. Wanting a Ar frame gun for Hog hunting here in Texas. Hell, back then, no one really knew the difference. This was the first chambering for Stoners new AR-15 rifle and was the chambering used in the early Colt AR-15 models that saw combat in Vietnam. More tightly freebore size in a 223 Wylde rifle permits you to fire .223 ammunition with moderately solid exactness from it than a 5.5645 rifle. The downside to that slightly larger chamber is that it is often less accurate than a tighter .223 Remington chamber. 2. is a 556 16 inch stainless barrel mid-length gas system. Check the online reviews, Guns and Gear, Sootch and many others. $142.50. No issues; the 223 wylde has the chamber angling but slightly shorter throat length than that of 5.56 and the freebore diameter of the .223 Rem That said, all my ARs I build now get 223 Wylde barrels. So is the 223 Wylde more likley to jam under harsh conditions since it is tigher? That saidthe juice isnt really worth the squeeze. 2. Standard .223 and .223 Wylde will both shoot sub MOA no problem with the right loads. However, the 223 Wylde is generally considered to be the more accurate of the two cartridges, while the 5.56 NATO is generally considered to be the more reliable. I dont know about you but catastrophic failure isnt a phrase I want to be associated with my firearms. In the meantime, any extra cash you fork out in a .223 Wylde upgrade will be more than made up later in ammo savings. You can use any standard .223/5.56 BCG when paired with a 223 Wylde barrel. It is a hybrid of the .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO cartridges, and it offers shooters the best of both worlds.